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Rolbanden (Moving Walks)
Modern design and features
ALE sells and installs the “DEAO” auto-walk DM10/DM20 series with a novel, fashionable and attractive outline together with an innovative and elegant streamline design. This moving walk harmoniously merges with modern architectures and fits perfectly into indoor decorations. It comes with a remarkable safety and reliability and a smooth, soundless and energy saving operation.
Advantages and performances
Compact structure: the patented fish belly style pallet can greatly reduce space span, hence a flexible fitting into the building structure is assured and construction space is saved.
Colourful decoration: various styled handrails can meet personal demand in different environments; beautiful stainless steel floor plates have three dimensional effects; inner and outer decking adopt stainless steel.
Low cost: the auto-walk conveyor is build using advanced manufacturing processes which greatly improve its performance and service lifetime; the most direct result is that the operation cost is reduced significantly; the optional VF drive technology yields great energy saving reducing the running cost to a maximum.
Safe and reliable: slip-free grooves on the pallet surface have an excellent slip-proof function which makes the travel safe and comfortable; slightly inclined combs can make trolleys easily get on and off; the moving walk is equipped with all necessary safety devices.
Ordinary escalator
and autowalk
  Slim escalator
and autowalk
Standard Functions
Handrail inlet
Novel, trendy and attractive design for the entrance and exit of the handrail belt makes the escalators more live and amicable.
Moving directions and failure display
By means of observing the digital readings on the display plates mounted on both sides of the skirts board at the entrance and exit of the escalator (or moving walks), the maintenance work can be made promptly and easily.
Step chain-roller inbuilt
The roller has been internally installed in the specially-designed roller step chain. It can effectively fulfill the reduction of the noise during the driving process and bring about a more smooth and quiet operation.
Illumination for the passengers
Green light softly beams out from the space between th engaged teeth of the two neighboring steps to remind the passengers to be aware of the level sections both at the entrance and exit, resulting in increased security for the passengers.
Vertical type traction machine
Higher transmission effectiveness, lower noise and longer service hours.
Optional Functions
Electric automatic lubrication
Controlled by PC, the lubrication signals are emitted after a preset period when the hydraulic pump is automatically activated to conduct the lubrication.
Skirt panel illumination
The skirt board illumination arranged alongside the steps' arc moving contour makes the passengers feel more comfortable and safe.
Running directions indication
The running direction and forbidden display mark have been placed in the inlet and outlet of the handrail. The obvious running or forbidden instruction ensures the sale riding of the passengers with great ease.
Skirt panel brush
The skirt board brushes, mounted on both sides of the skirt boards and located obove the steps, can not only avoid the passengers' shoes to collide on the skirt boards but also effectively avoid the entry of foreign objects into the steps.
Variable frequency driving-VVVF
When there's no load, the escalator (or moving walk) moves at low speed and when the approach of a passenger is detected, it restores to the normal speed. This shows conspicious energy saving effects, saving up to 40% of power.
Construction specifications
12° setup
Specification list
Model Traveling height Rated speed Rated load capacity Inclination Motor power A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm)
1000 ≤ H ≤ 3800 0,5 6750 12 7,5 800 1038 1400 ≤ 1460
3800 < H ≤ 6000 11
6000 < H ≤ 7600 15
7600 < H ≤ 3000 2 x 11
1000 ≤ H ≤ 3000 0,5 9000 12 7,5 1000 1238 1600 ≤ 1660
3000 < H ≤ 4800 11
4800 < H ≤ 6000 15
6000 < H ≤ 6200 2 x 11
0° setup
Specification list
Model Traveling height Rated speed Rated load capacity Inclination Motor power A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm)
80000 0,5 6750 0 5,5 800 1038 1400 ≤ 1480
80000 < L ≤ 130000 8
130000 < L ≤ 150000 11
70000 0,5 9000 0 5,5 1000 1238 1600 ≤ 1660
70000 < L ≤ 110000 8
110000 < L ≤ 150000 11
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